Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Perpetually hexie

From this...

... to this. March's Perpetually hexie wreath. Really happy with this one and thanks to my friend Rosalie for providing the missing yellow. I now have all the backgrounds sewn together ( some triangles left over, and I was sure I counted them correctly!) so hopefully that will make it easier.

I have finished the Cherries and Chocolate quilt from Homespun ( designed by Michelle Ridgway) I aim to show it to her in person soon when we head off to Queensland to visit DD2.
Linking with Anthea for her EPP Piece yourself together at

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Timeless tulips

Tis done. This is the block I started at Monsalvat. After a week of sewing... by hand... it is complete. I am quite happy with it and this will be made into a block holder when I get a moment. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What have I been up to???

Here is the centre of my cherries and chocolate quilt. I have since added the border to this and have got some of the  hexies onto the top and bottom border. Cut the outer border( not keen on cutting the length of the fabric but..)and so have two of the four corner hexies put together. It's coming together really well and I am loving it.

Hmmm blogger or my camera or Picasa has turned my Dear Jane blocks on their side. Still you get the idea.Up to date so far.

On Sunday I along with about 40 others attended the local quilt shop's inaugural Sunday school. We were at Monsalvat which is just a beautiful place, blue stone buildings in beautiful grounds. This is the centre of my Timeless Tulips block that I learnt with Meredithe Clark. In class I got the centre star sewn, the pink tulip together and one of the curves attached.Worked on it yesterday afternoon and the newsprint pieces were sewn in and I have 3 more pink tulips ready to put in and 4 green tulips up to having their petals attached. That will be this afternoon's work.Meredithe was so patient and explained things wonderfully. This is also hand pieced. Can't say I am a fan of curves but having learnt how to do them.... pin, pin and more pins.... I am enjoying this block.

Enjoy the heat those of us in Victoria. I am looking for a cool place to stitch!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bitten by the bug again

I have started Michelle Ridgway's " Chocolate and Cherries " quilt and this is the progress so far. I have another 4 small hexies to do plus the corner ones and 8 of the big ones. Not at all like Michelle's colourway but I am loving the way they are all turning out. The bottom one with letters on (next to the stars) is a bit of whimsy as I am giving this to my neighbour's daughter when she gets married in December.. her initials just happen to be CD.

Here are a couple of the fussy cut ones.... don't do too many as I am trying to use scraps and sometimes there is just enough fabric for 6 hexies. These ones are 3/4" and I so love this size.

Finally got the kites sewn on this one and February's Perpetually hexie bites the dust.  This is Katja Marek's pattern using the perpetual calendar.
I am going to link up with Anthea at Hibiscus stitching as once again I have been bitten by the EPP bug. Also been bitten by that awful cold bug as well so gentle stitching and an early night for me .

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


On Weds last week the February pattern for the Perpetually hexagon was put up. These are my pieces ready to go, the background sewn together.... still not sure how Sharon at the Quilt shop gets hers so perfect in the centre but....

Two hexies done ready to be sewn together. I actually now have all six sewn and 4 put into the wreath so soon I will have the wreath shape done. Then it's on to sewing it onto the background. Again Sharon gets hers very smooth and mine always looks like it needs a good press!

Not one to just have one project on the go, I have been crocheting some beanies for the prem babies. Thanks Barb for the pattern and these will go to Lyn at the next bloggy meet. I did get 6 out of one ball of wool  so very happy about that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bloggy meet

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited by Shez to a bloggy meet in Gisborne. It was lovely meeting a new group of stitchers and also meeting up again with Annie who I have known a long time( Nursing Mum's era)

Photos were taken ... all those people that have blogs of course. I am not a very happy snapper so this is what I got. Shez did send me some photos but I don't know how to get them onto my blog.. technologically challenged I'm afraid.

A bag swap was done and here are some of the beautiful bags that were made. Very talented group of ladies.
Thanks for inviting me and hope to see you again in May

Monday, January 23, 2017

so far this year..

... I have finished stitching all 25 blocks of my candlewicking quilt. All washed, hanging on the clothes horse to dry. I have ironed and cut them to size and placed them in their order for stitching together. That may be Wednesday's job and then I can attach the lace. It is all booked in at the quilters for July.

This is the first block of Katja Marek's BOM sewn onto the background.Just wish I could get the points on the under hexie to lie really flat.

At a friend's place a couple of weeks ago I was shown a pattern for a crocheted blanket done in hexies. Got the pattern and so far I have done 6 red ones. 2 cream and two red and cream combined. Went to Spotlight to buy some yarn ( at 99c a ball you can't go wrong) and I will see how far I get!Can do these watching "Burn Notice" DVD's

Went out the back door the other day and this is what I saw. Our Hoya is just bursting with flowers and looks so good. Shame they don't do too well in the house in vases.... last time I tried that there were too many ants on the blossoms.